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The term "glazier" defines a person having the knowledge, training, and abilities to prepare, install, replace, and service glass and related components and products in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. A glazier may perform these job duties on buildings and other structures and on vehicles, furniture, and other products. Glaziers may be employed by construction glass installation contractors, retail service, repair shops and glass fabrication shops.

The glazier has the abilities, knowledge, and skills to perform all or some of the following duties: 1) handling, cutting, shaping, preparing, and fabricating glass to specifications; 2) fabricating, preparing, laying out, and installing support structures, flashings, sealants, and membranes for window installation; 3) installing glass and glass products on walls, ceilings, and other support structures; 4) installing and servicing glass, doors, windows, and associated hardware; 5) fabricating, installing, and servicing specialty products; 6) replacing tempered glass, windshields, and associated hardware on vehicles; and 7) servicing and maintaining door and window systems in existing facilities. Some glaziers may specialize in one or more of the above-named duties.

To perform their job duties effectively and efficiently, glaziers should know all applicable codes and regulations. They must have the ability to properly operate hand and power tools, specialty layout tools, and related equipment. The occupation of glazier involves a considerable amount of physical work. Glaziers routinely need to climb ladders, work from scaffolds, use self-propelled elevated work platforms, as well as load and drive trucks. In spite of considerable requirements for lifting and carrying heavy loads, only average strength is required since these tasks are usually performed by a team. Glaziers must also have the knowledge and skills to determine the appropriate and safest means of performing their tasks, since they face the danger of exposure to toxic substances, cuts from glass and injury from lifting and falls.

A glazier interacts with co-workers, clients, tradespeople and other professionals, which requires good interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively communicate in both oral and written forms.

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