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BCCHS Scholarships

Scholarship Value $500

Number of Scholarships 3


All entrants must be:

A) A resident of British Columbia

B) About to enter, or continue, a program of study at a post-secondary educational institution in Canada

C) Not a winner of a BCCHS Scholarship on a previous occasion


Up to three awards may be made. Each award will be for $500.

The award must be used only for tuition fees and must be used within 12 months of being granted.

Payment will be made either:

A) Directly to the awardee on provision of a receipt from the institution, or

B) To the awardee's account at the institution if:

1) evidence of fees payment is provided, and

2) it states that the award is refundable only to the BCCHS if the award is not used.


To enter applicants must provide either:

A) a short story not to exceed 1500 words

B) original artwork, or

C) an original cowboy craft work.

Entries must be the original work of the entrant.

Each entry must have as its theme our BC Cowboy and ranching heritage.

Each entry should be accompanied by a completed, and signed entry form.

From amongst the entries the judges will select up to three creators who will be awarded a one year, $500 scholarship.


There shall be three Judges. The decision of the Judges will be final. Selection will be based solely on the merit and presentation of submission.

BCCHS, at its discretion, may decline to make an award if in the opinion of the Judges, no entry meets a minimum standard. Awards may be made in any category, not necessarily one in each category.


Written entries should be double spaced and no longer than 1500 words. Illustrations integral to the presentation will be welcomed. Presentation, grammar, spelling and punctuation will be among the criteria used in judging written submission. Previously published work will not be acceptable.


Paintings, drawings, bronzes, and photographs will all be welcomed as entries. The ORIGINAL of all work must be sent. Copies will be disqualified. Computer generated graphics and any work involving any tracing will not be eligible. All work must be presented in a form suitable for display. Paintings, drawings or photographs must be mounted on board, or if on canvas, mounted on a stretcher. Work should not have been previously published.


Cowboy crafts must be usable by cowboys, or their horses. Examples include saddles, bridles, bits, spurs and items braided in rawhide or horsehair.

The standards used in judging entries are high. Entries which fail to directly address the subject of our BC Cowboy Heritage will not be considered.