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Engineers and Geoscientists BC Entrance Scholarships

Scholarship Value $2,500

Number of Scholarships 7

The Engineers and Geoscientists BC Foundation offers several entry scholarships to British Columbia high school graduates entering engineering or earth science programs at the University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia Institute of Technology, and the University of Northern British Columbia. The entrance scholarships valued at $2,500, are awarded based on a combination of factors, including academic standing, extracurricular activities, financial need, and a student statement.

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The Engineers and Geoscientists BC Foundation is pleased to offer the Post-Secondary Entrance and Transfer Scholarships to BC secondary students entering engineering or Earth science programs.

Six entrance scholarships, valued at $2,500 each, and one transfer scholarship, valued at $2,500, are awarded on the basis of a combination of factors including:

A) Academic standing,

B) Extracurricular activities,

C) Financial need, and

D) Responses to long-answer questions.

The entrance scholarship is for students entering a 4-year undergraduate engineering (B.A.Sc., B.Eng., or similar) or earth science (B.Sc. or similar) program.

The transfer scholarship is for students entering or currently enrolled in a engineering transfer program (engineering fundamentals, engineering certificate, or similar) with the intention of completing the remainder of an engineering degree at another institution.

The scholarships will be paid directly to the recipient's academic institution upon confirmation of registration.


Completed applications and letters of reference must be received by June 30, 2022.


Applicants must:

A) Graduate from a BC secondary school in 2022, and entering an engineering or geoscience (earth science, physical geography, or similar) program in fall 2022/2023.

B) Currently enrolled in a engineering transfer program (if applicable).

Your eligibility for either the engineering or transfer scholarship will be determined based on the information in your application, and confirmed with you prior to awarding the scholarship.

A student is only eligible for one Engineers and Geoscientists BC Foundation scholarship each academic year. If you are successful in more than one Engineers and Geoscientists BC Foundation scholarship competition, you will only receive the award with the highest value.


Upload your official or unofficial transcript in the academic section below. Your transcript must be complete and include all of your high school courses. Interim transcripts or school report cards will not be accepted.

Transcripts must be received by Engineers and Geoscientists BC on or before August 22, 2022 in order to be considered for this scholarship.