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Wanjara Scholarship

Scholarship Value $1,300

Number of Scholarships 5

Wanjara Nomad Collections has compiled an extensive collection of historical artifacts to preserve and share the history of Sikhs. This includes exploring how Sikhs perceive their past, present, and future.

As part of its efforts, Wanjara Nomad Collections is offering five scholarships worth $1,300 each to support post-secondary education for grade 12 students in British Columbia who will be attending a post-secondary institution in September 2024. These scholarships are open to all students, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or citizenship status.

Our goal is to inspire and empower students to pursue their dreams, make a positive impact on their communities and the world, and contribute to the legacy of Canada. We believe that education is the key to progress, and that young people have the power to shape the future. We are proud to offer these scholarships as a way to support and encourage the next generation of leaders.

Wanjara Nomad Collections Scholarship Competition - Description

The Wanjara Nomad Collections Scholarship Competition invites individuals to submit short original written entries (no more than 300-500 words) related to one of the five (5) following individuals who are integral to the Sikh identity. The awards are each in the namesake of those individuals, with their primary characteristics embodying the soul of each award. Entrants are encouraged to be creative and consider the breadth and range of the particular scholarship they choose to submit themselves for, which takes many forms, including a narrative, poetry, or other unique written works of their creation.

Entries must be no more than 300-500 words. All entries should be original and unpublished, though creators are permitted to material in their entry provided any required permissions have been obtained, and the rights-holders are appropriately acknowledged. When an entry presents factual information, it should reflect a truthful portrayal of the situation or story.

The Members of the Wanjara Scholarship Competition Jury, the Wanjara Scholarship Committee and the Wanjara Scholarship Advisory Board adjudicate this competition. Winning entries will receive a CA$1,300 prize and be featured and promoted on the Wanjara Nomad Collections Website and social media channels.

The Scholarship(s)

  • Bhai Mewa Singh - Honour and Prestige Scholarship
  • Mata Sharan Kaur - Nurture and Valor Scholarship
  • General Subegh Singh - Loyalty and Devotion Scholarship
  • Lashman Singh - Duty and Discipline Scholarship
  • Bhai Harinder Singh Mehboob – Knowledge and Commitment Scholarship


  • Photographs that violate or infringe upon another person’s copyright are not eligible.
  • Entrants may submit up to a maximum of four photographs in each cycle of the Competition. Submission of more than four photographs may result in all photographs submitted by the Entrant being declared ineligible.

Entrants represent and warrant that:

  • the individual(s), situation, context and location in and of the photograph are accurately represented in the Entry;
  • no individual was harmed in order to obtain the Entry;
  • recognizable individuals or groups are unlikely to risk reprisals, violence or rejection in their communities as a result of exposing their identity or personal story through the publication of their image;
  • when possible, permission to photograph was sought and received from all vulnerable recognizable subjects, such as children or disempowered individuals, depicted in an Entry; and
  • no payment or other form of compensation was provided to subjects in exchange for their photograph or consent.

Shortlisted Entries

Upon the conclusion of the submission cycle, the Wanjara Nomad Collections team will shortlist those Entrants to move forward with the final phase of the selection process.

The short-listed Entrants will be contacted by the Wanjara Nomad Collections team, and will be required to submit a video, as per the below:

Short-listed Entrants must provide:

  • a brief biography of the Entrant, which includes a short description of post-secondary plans, and why they chose the specific scholarship to apply for.
  • a private, downloadable link to their video on a platform of their choice (YouTube, Vimeo, or private site) (the video should not be publicly accessible);


Up to 5 (five) Entrants may be selected as a winner in each cycle of the Competition. Each winning Entrant will receive (i) CA$1,300, (ii) his/her winning entry featured on the Wanjara Nomad Collections website and social media channels, (iii) inclusion of his/her name and a brief description of the entry on the Wanjara Nomad Collections website and social media channels, and (iv) inclusion of the winning entry in the website’s archive as a past winner.

The winning Entrant(s) will be contacted by the Wanjara Nomad Collections team with instructions on how to claim the prize.

Prizes must be accepted as awarded and cannot be transferred, assigned, or substituted. The Wanjara Scholarship reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify a portion of the prize if it cannot be awarded for any reason.

The Wanjara Scholarship shall not assume any liability for lost or misdirected prizes.