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Public Guardian and Trustee Educational Assistance Fund

Scholarship Value $4,530

Number of Scholarships 100

The Public Guardian and Trustee Educational Assistance Fund was established in June 1989. The Fund was derived from the generous donations of three private benefactors. The charitable intention of all three benefactors was to financially assist British Columbians in pursuing educational development for their future careers. In establishing the Fund, the government of British Columbia has attempted to reflect the charitable intentions of the original benefactors. Since 1989, the Fund has provided annual bursaries to individuals who meet the requirements of the terms of the trust document and demonstrate a strong desire to develop a future career path through their educational goals.


The purpose of the Fund, as set out in the trust document is, "to assist any beneficiary selected under the provisions of the Trust to further his or her educational goals, whether academic or vocational, provided that the bursary shall not be used as a sole means of support but rather as a supplement to existing funding to cover shortfalls in fees, books, maintenance and/or transportation which might otherwise cause the individual affected to terminate his or her studies prematurely."

In accordance with the trust document, annual bursaries are awarded to individuals "who are over the age of 19 years, and have been permanent wards of the Superintendent of Family and Child Service in the Ministry of Social Services and Housing (or its successors), and who meet the criteria deemed appropriate by the Trustee."


Successful applicants are awarded annual bursaries ranging in value up to a maximum of approximately $4,530.00 (amount is indexed annually with the cost of living).

Applications are evaluated on the following criteria:

1. General Eligibility

An applicant must:

  • be a former permanent ward of the Ministry of Social Services of British Columbia, its predecessor or successor, or have been in continuing custody of the British Columbia Ministry for Children and Family Development under the Child, Family and Community Services Act or predecessor laws;
  • be at least 19 years of age as of the date studies commence;
  • be a high school graduate or equivalent currently enrolled or planning to enroll in a post-secondary academic, technical or vocational program;
  • submit a completed current year application form;
  • provide transcripts from the last year of school attended; and
  • have other sources of funding for the educational year. The bursary shall not be the sole means of support.

(Note: Permanent ward or continuing custody means a child, who by court order, was placed in the permanent or continuing custody of the Province of British Columbia. The custody order terminated when the child attained the age of 19 years, was married prior to attaining the age of 19 years, or the court cancelled the order prior to the child attaining the age of 19 years.)

2. Financial Need

An applicant must:

  • demonstrate a financial shortfall which might cause the individual to be unable to pursue their studies;
  • have some means of financial support other than the bursary;
  • demonstrate an inability to access additional means of financial support to make up the shortfall; and
  • provide an estimated descriptive budget for the upcoming academic year based on reasonable expenses and reasonable means of financial support.

3. Post Academic Performance

An applicant must demonstrate:

  • an academic, technical or vocational ability to pursue the intended educational goal;
  • an academic, technical or vocational commitment to obtaining the educational goal.

4. Career Goals

An applicant must demonstrate:

  • a clear career goal;
  • a direct relationship between the educational goal and the career goal;
  • a personal commitment to the career goal (e.g., related education to date, related volunteer experience, related work experience, or references from educators, counsellors or field workers); and
  • personal suitability to the chosen career (e.g., references from educators, career counselors, or field workers).


The deadline for applications for each year is April 15th. Applications received after April 15th will NOT qualify for bursary consideration.