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First Citizens Fund Student Bursary

Scholarship Value $1,200

Number of Scholarships 100

The First Citizens Fund Student Bursary Program provides financial awards to Indigenous students enrolled in post-secondary education. Bursaries between $700-$1,200 are awarded to students who meet all eligibility requirements and who demonstrate significant financial need. Students apply for the bursary after they successfully complete a semester of post-secondary school.

The Province of British Columbia funds the First Citizens Fund Student Bursary Program while the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres administers it. Both parties are honored to support Indigenous students in pursuing educational opportunities at the post-secondary level.

Please be advised that funding is limited and that not all applicants will be approved for a bursary.

Who is Eligible?

Post-secondary students of Indigenous ancestry (status, non-status, Métis, Inuit) who are:

  • Permanent residents of British Columbia
  • Registered in a BC recognized post-secondary institution
  • With a minimum GPA of 2.5 or a C+ grade equivalent

Please note: students are not eligible to receive a bursary to repeat a course or academic year.

Please submit applications digitally if possible. If you are not able to submit them digitally, mail them 
as soon as possible and account for mailing time.

Application Information

Applications must be completed and submitted to the Education Coordinator by 5pm on the application 
deadline. Students must submit a new application for each semester. A complete application includes…

  • Application Form – completed and signed
  • A copy of your Status Card (if applicable) – front and back (If you are non-status, you must provide a 
    copy of your birth certificate and a copy of your parent(s) status card, or other supporting 
    evidence/documentation of Indigenous ancestry.)
  • Proof of Registration/Enrollment – from the post-secondary institution you attend
  • Cost of tuition, Books, and Fees – documentation from your school that states tuition costs for the 
    semester that you are applying for
  • Unofficial Transcripts/Grades – including your most recent semester/schooling
  • A Letter of Recommendation from a recognized Indigenous organization – speaking to your character, 
    community involvement, or otherwise supporting your FCF application
  • A Personal Letter – self-written letter on family background, ancestry, education and employment history, 
    and career and personal goals
  • For applicants completing graduate studies – if you do not have transcripts, please submit a letter from 
    your supervisor confirming that you are demonstrating satisfactory progress in your program