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Surrey Partners36 Scholarships

Scholarship Value $2,000

Number of Scholarships 4

Surrey Schools is pleased to offer a number of scholarship and bursary opportunities to its graduates, called Partners36 Scholarships. They are made possible through the contributions of individuals, corporations and community service organizations.

Students attending a district secondary school or learning centres are eligible. See the full eligibility requirements below.

The application deadline is on or before April 15 of the current school year. Completed applications should be submitted to the scholarship contact at your school. For more information, contact your school and ask for the scholarship committee chair.

Please note: Winners' names and their photos may be published in local newspapers.


1. Bursaries and scholarships will be announced at various times, but funds will be awarded only when students provide proof of attendance at a recognized post-secondary institution. For our purposes, "post-secondary institution" shall be defined as follows:

A) A recognized university

B) Colleges offering transfer courses

C) Institutions which prepare students for specific trades and vocations, and which are recognized and supported by the government (e.g. BCIT)

2. Applications for financial help to attend other institutions will be considered and awards may be granted at the discretion of the committee. A valid student card or a receipt for tuition fees is required as proof of registration.

3. The candidate must be a graduate of a secondary school in the Surrey school district.

4. The candidate must be enrolled in a post-secondary course or program for which graduation from Grade 12 is a prerequisite.

5. The candidate's academic achievement will be based on a review of an official transcript of the candidate's academic record for grades 11 and 12.

6. The candidate must be registered for a full course load at the post-secondary institution. This would be whatever is considered a full course load at the institution concerned; however, the committee may give special consideration to candidates whose circumstances are extraordinary.

7. Applicants must be Canadian citizens or have Permanent Resident status.