The #1 High School and University Resource for B.C. Students
  • CVRD INCO Ltd. Mining Awards - $2,000

    Awarded annually to students registered in any year of a mining-related program on the basis of financial need, academic excellence, and participation in extra-curricular activities. More >

  • Leadership Awards - $1,000

    For students entering the university directly from an Ontario secondary school. This award acknowledges and encourages the outstanding school and community leadership contributions of students. Laurentian University is looking for... More >

  • National Dean's Entrance Scholarship for Excellence - $22,000

    One scholarship is awarded in each of the four areas (Humanities, Social Sciences, Professional Schools, Faculty of Management and Sciences and Engineering) to a student having achieved a minimum of... More >

  • Sudbury Canada-Wide Science Fair Scholarship - $400

    Requirements: 1. Preference is given to students who have previously participated in a science fair exhibit. 2. Students must present a written recommendation from the high school guidance counselor. 3.... More >

  • The Douglas Williamson Bursary - $500

    Requirements: 1. Provided to students entering the first year of the Geology program. 2. On the basis of financial need and academic standing. 3. Established to recognize the contributions of... More >

  • The Michelle (Jane) Richer Memorial Bursary - $300

    Established by family and friends in memory of the late Michelle (Jane) Richer, an out-spoken person who was dedicated to her school, sports, work and friends, and applied herself with... More >

  • The Thomas Balfe Memorial Award - $300

    1. Given to a student entering the first year of the Commerce program. 2. Laurentian University Application for Entrance Awards required. 3. On the basis of financial need. 4. Established... More >

  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology and Technology Talon Tuition Award - $2,500

    Presented to two students entering the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Environmental Biology and Technology program with a strong academic record who also demonstrates financial need. Complete the Nipissing University... More >

  • Carl Sanders Entrance Scholarship (85-89%) - $2,250

    Current high school applicants from other Canadian provinces are also eligible for scholarship consideration. Ontario secondary school applicants will be considered automatically for our entrance scholarships based on their best... More >

  • Chancellor's Awards - $10,000

    These awards are presented to two full-time students entering full-time study in an undergraduate program at Nipissing University. Applicants must have a minimum 85% average and show evidence of personal... More >

  • Delores Klingspon Voluntary Community Service Award - $1,250

    Presented annually to a full-time student enrolled for the first time in the Bachelor of Arts program (honours or general) in a humanities or social science discipline with a solid... More >

  • J.S. Redpath Limited Scholarship in Environmental Science - $2,500

    Designed to attract students to the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Physical Geography degree program at Nipissing University. Applicants must possess a minimum 75% average, and exemplify interest... More >

  • Mac's Convenience Inc./Northmar Distributors Entrance Scholarship - $1,000

    80% average; preference to child/spouse of corporate employee of Mac's Convenience Inc.; preference to student entering business or computer science programs More >

  • Nipissing University Alumni Entrance Award - $500

    Presented to a full-time student, entering first year of an undergraduate program at Nipissing University with a minimum overall "B" average (70%), who is the child or grandchild of a... More >

  • Ptarmigan Mining Award - $2,500

    Presented to two students entering the first year of an undergraduate degree program at Nipissing University whose parent(s) is a mining sector employee, who have obtained a minimum average of... More >

  • Tuition Assistance Bursaries - $1,000

    Demonstrated financial need. More >

  • BMO Financial Group Award - $2,000

    Selection is based on high school academic standing and results of the portfolio interview. In selecting recipients of the BMO Financial Group Awards, a Selection Committee, consisting of three faculty... More >

  • Chancellor's Scholarship - $26,000

    The Chancellor's Scholarship recognizes academic excellence from students newly admitted to the University of Ottawa. A scholarship is awarded to each threshold faculty: Arts, Engineering, Health Sciences, Sciences, Social Sciences,... More >

  • Faculty of Engineering Memorial Scholarship - $2,000

    1. Female student registered full-time for the first time in an undergraduate program at the Faculty of Engineering; 2. Minimum 87 per cent scholarship average; 3. Submission of a 500-word... More >

  • Follett of Canada Textbook Bursary - $500

    This is a gift certificate for the book store. We have included this as we believe this is a valuable resource to anyone wishing to attend the University of Ottawa.... More >